OCanFilmFest2020 Ottawa Canadian Film Festival

Nancy, an ambitious executive, is up for promotion at work – she just has to make it through a dinner party with her husband, Andrew. When a well-meaning colleague suggests that the boss and his wife have a sexual secret, Nancy starts to overthink the situation and the tension around the dinner table increases with each innuendo-filled word and gesture.

Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin, director and producer

Tyler J. Seguin is a Toronto-based creator, director, and performer who is making his debut as a film director with Advances. Known mostly for starring in the award-winning web series, Just Passing Through, Tyler has spent the bulk of his career in live theatre.

In addition to directing independent productions with the Toronto theatre company Thought For Food, Tyler’s experience includes work with The Stratford Festival of Canada, The St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, and the Sudbury Theatre Centre. Tyler has recently completed his second short film, Weed Night.

Tyler Seguin and writer Helen Juvonen answered a few questions.

What inspired your film?

Advances is a film about how our expectations of a situation can completely change the way we interpret what people do and say. This story exaggerates feelings of awkwardness and anxiety in social situations.

What was your biggest challenge in making your film?

As first-time filmmakers, it’s hard to pick just one challenge! Everything felt like a steep learning curve, but the most difficult thing was balancing and coordinating all the different departments to make sure that everyone was working towards the same goal.

What was the best part of the experience for you?

Sharing the film with audiences has been incredibly rewarding. We’ve loved hearing the gasps and laughs as people connect with the story and characters.

What advice would you give aspiring filmmakers?

Just make it happen. Don’t wait for someone else to green light your project – if you’re passionate about the idea you need to find a way to make it with whatever resources you have available.

What’s next for you?

Our current project is “You’re Never Alone”, a comedy web series about grief and in-laws. Principal photography was postponed due to the pandemic, but we’re making plans for 2021.