and also, for youth

OCanFilmFest2020 Ottawa Canadian Film Festival

A young couple experience the ecstasy of youth; those reckless nights, the romantic melancholy, the yearning.

UPDATE: and also, for youth is the OCanFilmFest2020 Audience Favourite Award winner.

Eamon Hillis

Eamon Hillis, director

Raised in a small rural community north of Kingston, Ontario, Eamon is a young cinematographer living in the Toronto area. He is a proud graduate of McMaster University, and is currently finishing his post-graduate studies at Sheridan College. His longtime passion for literature, and deep background in artistic photography continue to educate his style and shape his unique approach to cinematography. His recent narrative and documentary projects have been featured in independent festivals around the world.

Eamon Hillis answered a few questions.

What inspired your film?

When I was young, while driving home from evening hockey practices with my father, we would listen to the AM broadcasts of OHL games. We would sometimes drive in silence together as rain pattered on the windshield. There was something so promising and timeless about these moments, and this was something I wanted to try and capture on film.

What was your biggest challenge in making your film?

The edit. For this style of film, so much consideration must go into each shot selection and it’s consequent timing. Much in the same way a poem is constructed, each shot serves as it’s own line – it’s own idea. And as a result, a lot of thought should be made about how it affects the moments before and after, and how they fit into the bigger picture of the film.

What was the best part of the experience for you?

The shoots were very organic, documentary style, and I think everyone involved really enjoyed those nights. It was a great pleasure to capture my brother and his fiancé at such a beautiful time in their lives.

What advice would you give aspiring filmmakers?

I am perhaps not in a position to speak upon this with much confidence, but I would like to think that it is important to cultivate yourself as an artist. Technical proficiency is valuable and necessary, but it is also common, and it is not what we crave most as an audience. Film, at its best is more than just a medium for storytelling. It is a powerful art form. Read a lot, observe, and appreciate the beauty of your existence; perhaps all else will follow suit.

What’s next for you?

I am looking towards union work in the lighting and camera departments while simultaneously working on independent narrative and documentary projects. 

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