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Our call for submissions is now closed. Thanks to all the filmmakers who participated. Our jury is busy viewing and scoring all of the submissions. Look for an announcement with the official selections in October. Festival screenings for OCan23 will take place at the Bytowne Cinema in November.

OCan Presents: “Chateau Laurier” & “No Regrets”

A fundraiser screening on June 22nd at 9pm at the Bytowne Cinema

The Ottawa Canadian Film Festival (OCan) presents episodes from locally shot short-form dramatic series “Chateau Laurier” and “No Regrets” on Thursday, June 22nd at 9pm at the Bytowne Cinema in Ottawa.

  • Chateau Laurier: A lush short-form dramatic series, a gripping family saga set against the backdrop of Edwardian romance, mystery and the thirst for power.
  • No Regrets: A woman crosses paths with a man from her past, but is quickly led in the wrong direction and makes a decision she might live to regret.

Join us as we screen a few episodes of each series along with a panel / Q&A with members of both filmmaking teams.

This is a unique opportunity to see these productions on a big screen.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite, at Bytowne box office online, and at the door.

This screening is a fundraiser. Profits will be shared by the Chateau Lauier and No Regrets teams, and OCan.

ocan presents



$15 / $10 for members

Chateau Laurier Series

Selected Press:

Chateau Laurier - Trailer
Chateau Laurier - Behind the Scenes

Logline: A wry slice-of-life glimpse into romance in the 1900s.

Edwardian newlyweds Hattie and Vivian navigate their lives on the other side of happily ever after and learn that life as heirs to the grand Chateau Laurier hotel comes with slings, arrows, enemies, opportunities, and strife.

Principal Cast:

  • Luke Humphrey
  • Fiona Reid
  • Kate Ross
  • Kent Staines
  • Brittany Raymond
  • Fraser Elsdon
  • Emmanuel Kabongo
  • Tymika Tafari
  • Jane Luk
  • Jason Gray
  • Joel Oulette
  • Michael Gordin Shore
  • Anthony Gerbrandt
  • Jeremy Legat
  • Bruce Gray
  • Katie Uhlmann
  • Philippa Domville
  • Malube Uhindu-Gingala
  • Julia Thomas
  • Denzel Martineau


  • Producers: James E.D. Stewart, Kent Staines, Emily Weedon, Szonja Jakovits
  • Writers: Kent Stainest, Emily Weedon, James E.D. Stewart
  • Director: James E.D. Stewart
  • Cinematographer: Arthur E. Cooper
  • Music: Michael Stanutz, Mike Stanutz
  • Editor: Mark Lemmon
  • Production Design: Glen Charles Landry, Chris Nickle
  • Set Decoration: Carolina Carovelez, Ben Kicknosway
  • Costume Design: Melissa Bessey, Joanna Syrokomla
  • Makeup: Alyssa 'Aly' Morden-Hayley, Gisele Matte, Joan Chell, Patricia Cuthbert, Kayla Huotari-Harris
  • Production Management: Johnny Ross, Szonja Jakovits
  • Second Unit: Mario Scenna, Kathleen Espiritu, Dayyaan Jameel, Fatima Kalim, Rob Oakman, Abigail Thorpe, Foad Almassi, Paco Bermudez
  • Set Dresser: Lara Tomori
  • Sound Department: John Bradshaw, Francesco Falsetto, Andrew Sutherland, Joe Scandella, Randy Resh
  • Visual Effects Artist: Rafael Ludwig
  • Stunt Coordinator: Dan Iaboni
  • Camera and Electrical: Bethany Kaster, Shawn Goldberg, Samantha Falco, Aron Tomor
  • Costume and Wardrobe: Rajetha Kalatharan, Anna-Claude Biron, Jennifer Jakob
  • Assistant Colorist: Jose Arturo Torres Salinas
  • Script Supervisor: Jenny Mac McLauchlin
  • Additional Crew: Clint Butler, Stephanie Breton, Martin Huss
No Regrets series

Selected Press:

No Regrets - Trailer
No Regrets - Behind the Scenes

Logline: That one choice could be the one you live to regret.

Bianca Harrison seems to be living the dream, she works for one of the top fashion magazines in town and is married to wealthy divorce attorney Andre Harrison.

Her life takes a sudden turn after an unexpected encounter with her ex-fiancé Nick Merton.

Nick slowly finds his way back in Bianca’s life and purposely finds a way to constantly cross her path. His fascination with Bianca starts to have an effect on his marriage and he loses sight of what’s important. Nick and Bianca’s mindless decisions soon cause everything around them to fall apart. They find themselves in a situation that they might live to regret.

Principal Cast:

  • Osasere Atoe
  • Simba Yakibonge
  • Sarah Vockeroth
  • Eton Lawrence
  • Grace Diamani
  • Jason Sedlar
  • Nadine Noncent
  • Tito Orunesajo
  • Teddy Dumont
  • John Andrews
  • Petra Watzlawik-Li
  • Mark Templin
  • Monica Ethier


  • Producers: John Nyce, Chris Nyce & Mark Nyce
  • Director & Writer: Deidre J.
  • Director of Photography: John Nyce
  • Camera Operator: Mark Nyce
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Chris Nyce
  • 2nd Assistant Camera: Thomas Stannard
  • Sound/ Boom Operator: Almyr Jules
  • Sound/ Boom Operator: Liam Quigley
  • Editors: Deidre J. & John Nyce
  • Sound Design: John Nyce & Mark Nyce
  • Production Designer: Set it Up
  • Casting Directors: Deidre J. & Chris Nyce
  • MUA: Deidre J.
  • MUA: Grace Diamani

OCan Spotlight

OCan is participating in this year's National Canadian Film Day celebration by shining a spotlight on feature-length and short films previously featured at the festival, now available on YouTube, Vimeo or popular streaming platforms like CBC Gem.

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