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2018 saw a lot of activity in the Canadian Film industry.  To celebrate the year, we wanted to take time to put together a brief recap of 2018 for you and hope you keep your interest in the industry active for the upcoming 2019 Festival year. All throughout Canada, Film Festivals will be seeking out new submissions and content so, certainly,  2019 should be another exciting year for Film Festival supporters!

Attendees at OCAN 2018

Photo of OCanFilmFest2018 attendees networking at our event, our gratitude again for attending!

So, to get started on the recap, firstly, OCanFilmFest would like to thank all attendees of the screenings that took place in early November . With many submissions from Canadian Filmmakers, we can only hope to see more work in the 2019 year.  

As we close 2018, and rally in 2019, here is a short recap of some Canadian Films that garnered some at various festival nods in 2018!

As always, TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) complies a list of its top picks. Here is TIFF’s Top 10 of Canadian Films and Shorts.

Inside Out had a multi-city offering, having screenings in both Toronto and Ottawa. To see submissions that were screened you can link up to the Ottawa screenings here and Toronto’s offerings here.

REEL Canada put together a great recap of Women in Canadian Film , capturing a list that spans back into the mid 1990’s for anyone wanting to get into some history. Here is their 2018 Spotlight.

Another great focus on Canadian Indigenous film makers comes from right here in Ottawa with the Asinabka Festival We encourage following them into their 2019 festival as well.

So, with so many more to be mentioned, it is hard to recap it all for 2018 in one post, but hope that you may find some films from the 2018 festival schedules. Have a review of OCAN’s selections here on our website too!

Please remember to keep visiting us at OCanFilmFest for events and our own 2019 program! Submissions for the 2019 year will be opening March 1, 2019 so check back for more info in the New Year!

For more info about OCanFilmFest2018 line up and to read up on the filmmaker’s of OCAN’s 2018 festival. Follow the link above.

Thanks again for everyone who attended OCanFilmFest2018 and for the submissions received this year! 

Happy New Year from OCanFilmFest!