OCanFilmFest2018 – Harevan – Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier

Harevan – Synopsis

Constrained by her shyness, Clemence is struggling to build relationships with others. To help, she spends time with her Armenian neighbor in whom she will find a confidant. 

(Screened at #OCanFilmFest2018 on November 3, 2018)

About the director, Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier

Born in Montreal, Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier was raised by a Quebec born father and a Franco-Italian mother. Her origins motivated her to travel, first to visit her family, later to fulfill a passion. Graduate from the program of cinema at UQAM in the director profile, this young filmmaker draws inspiration from many subjects that touch her deeply to convey her own vision of the world and to try to move others. 

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OCanFilmFest2018 – Intercept – Kirk Knapp

Intercept – Synopsis

After breaking up with her boyfriend, a tech glitch connects two strangers together.

(Screened at #OCanFilmFest2018 on November 3, 2018)

Intercept was produced for the spring 2018 Digi60 Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada. It premiered at the Mayfair Theater in May 2018 with over 30 other short films. This is the DIRECTOR’S CUT which has an additional 2 minutes of footage and a re-scored soundtrack.

About the director, Kirk Knapp

Kirk Knapp is an Ottawa-based filmmaker.

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OCanFilmFest2018 – As It Was – Blake Garbe

As It Was – Synopsis

A young boy, Mason, senses that the relationship between his parents isn’t as perfect as he thought. His older siblings are coming to terms with their futures already, while he struggles to understand the nature of family separation.

(Screened at #OCanFilmFest2018 on November 3, 2018)

About the director, Blake Garbe

Blake Garbe is a Canadian-born director who works out of Toronto, ON. Blake has directed multiple short films including As It Was (2017), #JoelforPrez (2016), The Feeding (2015) and Bright Idea (2015). His films have been accepted into multiple festivals such as Toronto Youth Shorts TS180, #TOFF, LA Cinefest and The Kyiv International Film Festival.

What inspired your film?

The inspiration for the film came from writer, Celise LaGrange. It was a subject close to her heart and came from experience as a child of divorce. Continue reading “OCanFilmFest2018 – As It Was – Blake Garbe”

OCanFilmFest2018 – End of the Night – Tavit Melikian

End of the Night – Synopsis

After the accidental death of his best friend, Jimmy comes to believe that the friend now haunts his car, but selling it – even with the brother’s help – takes them to a very dark place. 

(Screened at #OCanFilmFest2018 on November 3, 2018)

About the director, Tavit Melikian

Tavit Melikian graduated from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in 2010. One of his biggest achievements was having the opportunity to work on the movie “Noah”, as a special makeup effects artist. He directed his first short film titled “End of The Night” and is currently working on directing his next film. 

What inspired your film? 

I’ve always wanted to make a short film, but I also didn’t want to fall into the traps of low budget storytelling. I also wanted my first film to be about the actors. Let the actors tell the story and I will just follow (an actor’s director).  I came up with the story when I thought about the relationship I have with my own best friend. I’ve known him for 25 years, but what if he passes away one day?  Would I still hang out with his younger brother?

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OCanFilmFest2018 – What We Owe – Bryce Mercier

What We Owe – Synopsis

Noah struggles with moving forward with his serious girlfriend Emily, as he wants to be there 24/7 for his sick mother, Ann. When it is suggested that Ann be moved into an assisted living home, Noah cannot seem to let go, even the slightest.

(Screened at #OCanFilmFest2018 on November 3, 2018)

About the director, Bryce Mercier

Bryce Mercier is 21 years old and comes from Bradford, Ontario. Completing his final year of his Bachelor of Film & Television at Sheridan College. ‘What We Owe‘ is the second short film that he has directed since starting his directing career.

What inspired your film?

Our parents inspired our film, Ryan Cowan (writer) and I focused on that awkward transition in life where we get to the age where we start to become adult and you start to make the hard decisions. When you’re growing up you never think about how one day your parents will need your help like you did when you were little. Continue reading “OCanFilmFest2018 – What We Owe – Bryce Mercier”