Death Isn’t The Same Anymore – Review – Alvin Wai Chung Tsang

Wow. This auditory cinepoem can be felt with all the senses. It feels cold. It feels lonely. It’s complex and skillfully mapped. What an experience.

Jennifer Mulligan burns indelible images into your memory in just under five minutes.

‘death isn’t the same anymore is part of Shorts at Home: Volume 3, an online screening of short films on March 13, 2021. The films are curated by the OCanFilmFest Board of Directors.

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Guest blogger Alvin Wai Chung Tsang is a horror movie lover from Barrhaven who goes to the theatre every weekend to see new releases. He takes bets on box office predictions and hopes to win big someday. 

He recently reviewed the short film ‘death isn’t the same anymore’ from Shorts at Home: Volume 3. 

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