Dirt Town – Review – Alvin Wai Chung Tsang

“I hated him for that.” 

The story follows an unhappy couple in their two-week long moving road trip.

There’s a lot to like like here. Dirt Town (2021) uses a good amount of dirtiness and grime in its colour grading, and it’s representative of where the characters are headed, where the story goes.

Lisa Meuser uses music beautifully. The music can go by unnoticed because it’s so naturally woven into the narrative. At other times, when it wants to be noticed, it elevates a scene in the most wonderful way.

Dirt Town is part of Shorts at Home: Volume 3, an online screening of short films on March 13, 2021. The films are curated by the OCanFilmFest Board of Directors.

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Guest blogger Alvin Wai Chung Tsang is a horror movie lover from Barrhaven who goes to the theatre every weekend to see new releases. He takes bets on box office predictions and hopes to win big someday. 

He recently reviewed the short film ‘Dirt Town’ from Shorts at Home: Volume 3

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