Guardians of the Grasslands

OCanFilmFest2020 Ottawa Canadian Film Festival

Guardians Of The Grasslands is a short documentary brought to you by a group of dedicated conservationists, ranchers and Canadian filmmakers. The film explores the current state of one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the Great Plains grasslands, and the role that cattle play in its survival. As we reach new critical levels in the loss of these iconic landscapes, there are important truths we must face about humanity’s relationship with the land and our food.

Ben Wilson and Sarah Wray

Sarah Wray and Ben Wilson, directors

Sarah Wray and Ben Wilson have a deep passion for sharing powerful stories.  Sarah, a farm girl turned social media strategist, and Ben, an aerospace engineer turned freelance filmmaker, started working together in 2009 building an online community called  Since then, the team have launched their own independent media company, honing their skills and their passion for telling authentic and engaging stories by working with clients across Canada, including many agricultural organizations.  Ben and Sarah operate Story Brokers Media House from their home base in the rural community of Bashaw, Alberta, and their work has reached millions of viewers around the world.  Their award-winning film, “Guardians of the Grasslands” has been selected by numerous film festivals in recent months, shedding light on the important and controversial topics of food production and climate change.