Local Ottawa Showcase – Lesley Marshall

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Just before Canada Day the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival had the opportunity to join Izabel Barsive and local Ottawa film maker and musician Lesley Marshall to talk about life as a filmmaker. Principally the life of a female filmmaker. The discussion was full of insights on the challenges of breaking through on an industry that is dominated by men, both in production and, well, all aspects of the industry. As a filmmaker, Marshall has been in the industry long enough to have lived experienced with the limitations that face female filmmakers. But this has not stopped her.

Her life in the arts started young, and her perseverance to see projects and ideas come off the ground is sure encouragement for any filmmaker. Female filmmaker’s can glean that Marshall is a role model for those who can be left on the fringes of the film, and music industry as well. Having predominantly been involved in music video production, and being in a band herself, she can appreciate the art of a music video and what other story it can tell. She teamed up with Canadian band Partner and took that opportunity to create a video that captured the fun of the song “Play the Field”.

With all the exciting things on the horizon for her, and her commitment to collaboration, it will be amiss to say there is nothing left to come from her pursuits.

It was a wonderful opportunity for Ocan Film festival to hear first hand from a female filmmaker, and a local Ottawan as the festival is based in Ottawa. Hearing about local productions on the go creates buzz in this big city small town industry.

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