Nose to Tail – Review – Alvin Wai Chung Tsang

“Nose to Tail is Superbly Acted”

Alvin Wai Chung Tsang

Daniel (Aaron Abrams) is an isolated professional chef who doesn’t struggle to balance his work, family and love life but fails entirely at it. Is it substance abuse? Crippling debt? A messy divorce? It is the curiosity of what is wrong with him that drives the film forward.

Abrams’ performance is mesmerising. He is constantly denied what he wants, then acts out and causes a new problem for himself and his struggling restaurant. The amalgamation of all his issues into one important night for the restaurant is ugly, exciting and quite masterful. Nose to Tail is a joy to watch.

Alvin Wai Chung Tsang

Guest blogger Alvin Wai Chung Tsang is a horror movie lover from Barrhaven who goes to the theatre every weekend to see new releases. He takes bets on box office predictions and hopes to win big someday.  He reviewed Jesse Zigelstein’s feature film Nose to Tail, which screened at the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival in November 2019.

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