OCanFilmFest Board Welcomes Catharine Horsley

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The Ottawa Canada Film Festival welcomes Catharine Horsley to our board.

Catharine Horsley

Catharine Horsley is a film studies graduate from Carleton University, who is addicted to the cinema. She is very passionate about art, photography, and filmmaking. 

Her favourite film of all time is Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, and her dream is to become a screenwriter or film critic.  

When Catharine isn’t watching movies, she finds joy in reading, writing, painting, and cooking. 

She enjoys getting to explore different cultures, and connecting with the people in her community.

Since moving from the countryside to Ottawa, she’s wanted to immerse herself in the city’s film scene in order to gain experience. 

Due to her affinity for writing, last year, Catharine decided to write some film reviews for the festival’s 2020 program line up. She enjoyed analyzing the films so much that she was very eager to get started working in a more prominent role with the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival.  

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