Super Bingo – Synopsis

When Leo, the bingo hall number-caller unexpectedly quits, Steve the concessions guy is forced to take his place to call out the numbers. Steve then builds up his courage and uses the opportunity at the microphone to makes his dreams come true.

Matthew Blacha

About the director, Matthew Blecha

Born in Sault Ste. Marie and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Matthew Blecha developed an interest in filmmaking at Queen’s University in Kingston. After graduating with a B.A (Honors) in 1989 in film Studies, Matthew moved to Vancouver and entered the film industry as a production assistant, working on features films such as This Boy’s Life and Look Who’s Talking Now, and Television shows such as MacGyver & Neon Rider

In 1991, Matthew joined the Director’s Guild of Canada, and started a career as an assistant director working on many Canadian & American films and television series both in B.C. and Alberta including Needful Things, The X-Files, Jake & The Kid, Stargate SG-1, Mysterious Ways, the L.A. Law Reunion, and most recently Spooksville & Signed Sealed Delivered. In 2002, Matthew joined the Canadian Academy of Film and Television.

In 1997, Matthew directed his first short film entitled Sombrio starring Martin Cummins & Elana Nep, which screened in festivals in Europe and North America. In 2003, Matthew directed his second short, The Mall Man, starring Fred Ewanuick & Leah Cairns. The film was selected to participate in DGC’s Kickstart program for emerging directors. The film also screened in numerous festivals including those in Edmonton, and Halifax. After over a decade of assistant directing, Super Bingo is his third short. Matthew lives in Victoria, B.C. Canada, and is married with three daughters.

What inspired your film?

I was inspired to make an amusing film that touch on aspects that are important to me, namely overcoming long time fears, and incorporating music, as well, I was keen to set the story in a setting that is a World unto itself. A bingo hall, I thought, was perfect. Everyone likes Bingo.

What was your biggest challenge in making your film?

My biggest challenge was to get all my shots done within the 2 days of filming I had. So I had to “block shoot” the entire film, so I treated it like one big scene. I had to storyboard the whole movie and then I organized the shooting so that we shot everything in one direction first, then turn around to shoot everything in the opposite direction, to minimize lighting set-ups.

What was the best part of the experience for you?

Honestly, the feedback and the support I received from everyone. I was told many times that when people watch you pursue your dream passionately, support becomes contagious. Everyone wants to help you achieve your goal. It’s touching even writing this.

What advice would you give aspiring filmmakers?

Treat everyone you work with kindness and respect. Pursue your goals and don’t let anyone hold you back.

What’s next for you?

At the Pacific Rim, Cinespark Festival in Victoria in May 2018, I met a writer who liked my work and she let me read her script, which I also like. We teamed up and as a result, I will be shooting my next short in January 2019. It’s called “The Still Life of Annika Myers”. It’s the first directing project that I’ve done that was written by someone else. Totally excited about it.

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