OCanFilmFest2020 Audience Favourite and Festival Wrap-up

OCanFilmFest2020 Ottawa Canadian Film Festival


We are pleased to announce that the OCanFilmFest2020 Audience Favourite award goes to and also, for youth.

Congratulations to filmmaker Eamon Hillis from Harrowsmith, Ontario and his collaborators!

When I was young, while driving home from evening hockey practices with my father, we would listen to the AM broadcasts of OHL games. We would sometimes drive in silence together as rain pattered on the windshield. There was something so promising and timeless about these moments, and this was something I wanted to try and capture on film.


Eamon Hillis

Director, “and also, for youth”

We think he succeeded, and it resonated with our audiences who overwhelmingly picked the film as their favourite this year. Check out his show reel which we found on Vimeo. We think it captures a similar vibe.

Thank You

With OCanFilmFest drawing to a close for 2020 we wanted to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the many people and organizations that made this year’s festival possible.

  • Thank you to our audience members who took the time to support independent Canadian artists in a year where traditional ways of support were greatly diminished.
  • Thank you to our participating filmmakers who provided us all with art that made us laugh, think and reflect our ourselves and this world we all inhabit.
  • Thank you to our jury members and reviewers who provided fresh perspective on the films selected for this year and helped us create an excellent festival program.
  • Thank you to our volunteers and board members who’s efforts to promote and manage the delivery of this years program were invaluable.
  • Thank you to the City of Ottawa and The Arts Council of Ontario whose financial support enabled us to move ahead and present our program this year.

The OCanFilmFest team is deep into planning our next festival for 2021. Details will be published on this website soon. Thanks again for supporting Canadian independent film.

Jith, Blair, Megha, Manuel and Erica
The OCanFilmFest2020 Board

OCanFilmFest2020 Board
(top L-R Erica Giancola, Manuel Sousa, Blair Campbell, bottom L-R Jith Paul, Megha Dash)

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