The Ottawa Canadian Film Festival returned for our fourth year in November 2020.  
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and out of an abundance of caution the festival took place online on Vimeo’s On Demand platform over three weekends.

Feature Films

Project Cold Days
(Ottawa, ON)
Director: Stephen R. Coleman

Suffering from mental health issues and addictions, a diverse homeless population struggles to survive the winter in the coldest capital city in the world.

The Manhattan Project
(Etobicoke, ON)
Director: Matthew Campanile

When a small-town cocktail-enthusiast decides to end his life after being diagnosed with a terminal illness he must deal with the repercussion his choice has on his community.

The Great Disconnect
(Ottawa, ON)
Director: Tamer Soliman

Why are people feeling more and more socially isolated in a world seemingly more connected than ever before? 

Short Films

(Toronto, ON)
Director: Ethan Godel

VESSEL is a sci-fi comedy that follows two lonely romantics as they go to absurd lengths to be anybody but themselves. 

Social Mediation
(Toronto, ON)
Director: Matt Pittroff

As a couple finalizes their separation, they seek professional help in the act of dividing their most important asset – their social currency.

Not Your Average Bear
(Vancouver, BC)
Director: Cliff Skelton

No job and no prospects for a future. An average Joe gets creative in making a scheme to rob some armed guards.

(Montreal, QC)
Directors: Florence Pelletier,
Élizabeth Marcoux-Bélair

Saint-Tite tells the story of a family living their last weekend together at the rodeos of the Festival Western de Saint-Tite. 

(Etobicoke, ON)
Director: Rohan Bader

WESTBOUND / EASTBOUND is an underground multicultural dance film.

I Hope They Remember My Name
(Toronto, ON)
Director: Patrick Weiers

Struggling with depression, a famous vlogger travels to Asia and documents his search for dopamine.

(Burlington, ON)
Director: Tyler J. Seguin

To secure her promotion, Nancy just needs to make it through a dinner party but office gossip makes every word take on a double meaning.

(Strathroy, ON)
Director: Brian Chambers

Their daughter’s struggle with Cystic Fibrosis helps the Chappell family live in the moment. 

Guardians of the Grasslands
(Bashaw, AB)
Directors: Sarah Wray, Ben Wilson

Sometimes what you thought was the problem, is actually the solution.

The Date
(Halifax, NS)
Director: Taylor Olson

Two single-parent divorcees try their hand at dating again. They have no idea how wrong they’re doing it.

StreetSauce! Public Art in Waterloo Region?
(Kichener, ON)
Directors: Paul Campsall, Tom Knowlton

Does street art have a place in our cities? StreetSauce follows works-in-progress, artists and controversies to make a strong case for the importance of public art.

and also, for youth
(Harrowsmith, ON)
Director: Eamon Hillis

Audience Favourite 2020

A young couple experience the ecstasy of youth; those reckless nights, the romantic melancholy, the yearning.

Miracle, Baby
(Toronto, ON)
Director: C. Hudson Hwang

Miracle, Baby chronicles the incredible journey of Cory Conacher, a professional hockey player living with diabetes. 

World Of The Fluffs
(Vancouver, BC)
Director: Chaisi Glover

A documentary of a sentient piece of fluff and his journey to build a home. 

(Vancouver, BC)
Director: Rob Jacobsen

In a world where the technology to custom-make your personality has been developed, a conflicted technician encounters a client hoping to alter her motor-mouth character.

OCanFilmFest2020 Extras

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