Ottawa Indie Fest 2017

Ottawa Indie Fest 2017 took place on June 3, 2017 at La Nouvelle Scène in downtown Ottawa.  We were blown away by the number and quality of submissions that we received this year.  Congratulations to the filmmakers!

11 a.m. Screening Block 1

Hue Quilted Windowpane – Ottawa Premiere
Director: Lasha Mowchun
Drama | 2016 | 5:14 minutes | Language: English |

Imaginary love is better than real loneliness as a lonely woman finally finds love when Elvis Presley charms her through the television. Interview with director Lasha Mowchun.
* Best Lead Actress & Best Sound *, Gimli Film Festival 2016

Heroes Manufactured – Ottawa Premiere
Director: Yaron Betan
Documentary | 2016 | 70 minutes | Language: English |

Canadian independent artists try to break into the comic book industry while dealing with fandom and the craze of comic book conventions. Interview with director Yaron Betan
* Best Feature Documentary Award, Canadian Diversity Film Festival 2016
* Official selection in over 30 International Film Festivals

2 p.m. Screening Block 2

Honestly Charlotte – Canadian Premiere
Director: Sarah Hedar
Comedy | 2016 | 6 minutes | Language: English |

A routine job interview goes sideways when the applicant gets completely honest about what it’s like to be an artist trapped in a corporate cubicle.
* Interview with co-writer/producer Stevie Jackson, Hollywood North Magazine

Milo – Ottawa Premiere
Director: Jeremie Azencot
Drama | 2016 | 6 minutes | Language: French with English sub-titles |

A father and his 10-year old son while discussing art history and analyzing paintings develop a beautiful bond between each other.

RAW* – Ottawa Premiere
Director: David I. Strasser
Drama | 2016 | 94 minutes | Language: English |
A delinquent youth on a downward spiral, is sentenced to spend time on his uncle’s organic farm on Salt Spring Island. Put to work with a bunch of misfit interns, he soon discovers that not everything is as idyllic as it first appears.

* Nominated for Best Canadian Feature, Whistler Film Festival 2016
* Nominated Best Film, Montreal World Film Festival 2016
Interview with director David I. Strasser, The Whistler Insider November 2016

5 p.m. Screening Block 3

The Talk – Wiorld Premiere
Director: Tyler Boyco
Comedy | 2017 | 12 minutes | Language: English |

Neil and Carol, a husband and wife, try to come up with the perfect way to have the most uncomfortable conversation known to mankind; the sex talk with their teenage daughter.

Poison in the Water – Ottawa Premiere
Director: Romeo Candido
Drama | 2016 | 9 minutes | Language: English |

What is more frightening, the fears we deny or the fears we create as a young girl helps her father confront the spectre of his grief after losing his wife.
* Q & A with actors Matt Wells and Sophia Wells and producer Leo Dell’Anno  after screening
*Winner of Grand Jury Award at the American Movie Awards*

Sisyphus Rides – Ottawa Premiere
Directors: Lisa Lightbourn Lay & Tim Alberts
Documentary | 2016 | 79 minutes | Language: English and Spanish (with English subtitles) |

Adventurer Vince Vetro goes on a cycling expedition in Nicaragua in order to grow his micro-finance NGO, The Lending Journey, an organization which provides micro loans to underprivileged Nicaraguan women. What follows is the slow unravelling of his organization, and a soulful examination of what constitutes real success and failure in international development. Interview with co-director Tim Alberts.
* Best Feature Documentary Award, Canadian Diversity Film Festival 2016
* Director Tim Alberts will attend the screening.
The 5 p.m. Screening Block is sponsored by the One World Film Festival.

8 p.m. Screening Block 4

Andre the Anti-Giant – Ottawa Premiere
Director: Kim Saltarski
Documentary | 2016 | 16 minutes | Language: English |

A 3-foot-something actor/comedian/disability advocate strives to retake the stage following a life-endangering diagnosis in this intimate and inspirational tale of hope, hardship, and hilarity. Interview with director Kim Saltarski
* Director Kim Saltarski as well as Andre’s parents will attend the screening.

Broken Mile – Ottawa Premiere
Director: Justin McConnell
Drama/Thriller | 2016 | 82 minutes | Language: English |

A drug addict awakens to find the girl he is with is dead. To escape the consequences, he seeks the help of his ex-girlfriend while they dodge a mysterious figure who chases them around the city with a gun. Told in real time and presented in a single take. Interview with director Justin McConnell
The 8 p.m. Screening Block is sponsored by GAPC Entertainment


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Our Call for Submissions for #OCanFilmFest2019 is now closed.  Stay tuned for the selections from the jury in early September.  Screenings take place on November 1 and 2 at Arts Court (2 Daly Avenue).