Getting to the Arts Court Theatre

The venue for #ocanfilmfest2019 is the Arts Court Theatre.  Arts Court is at 2 Daly Avenue.

You can enter the building from Daly Avenue or via the SAW Gallery entrance at 67 Nicholas street.

The facility is accessible.  There’s more information the Arts Court website.  The theatre itself offers options for entry should stairs be a barrier.  Our voluteers will guide you.

Once you are in, head to elevator B.  The theatre is on the 2nd floor.

We will have volunteers strategically positioned along the route to guide you.

Film Line-up and Schedule

The nearest, most convenient parking is at Rideau Centre.  If you are taking the LRT, the Rideau station is close to the theatre as well.

Meet the Teams behind the Films of #ocanfilmfest2019

One of the differences between seeing a film at a local multiplex and seeing a film at a festival is the chance run-ins with the teams of visual storytellers behind the films you will see.  This year we are proud to welcome many members of teams behind the featured films, many visiting Ottawa from near and far.

Confirmed attendees so far (we’ll update the list so check back) include:

  • Director Matt Kelly, comedian Sandra Battaglini and members of the team behind the feature-length documentary The Mayor of Comedy (Toronto) which will enjoy its world premiere at ocanfilmfest2019
  • Director Valerie Barnhart from the short film Girl in the Hallway (Ottawa)
  • Representatives from the short film Rise n’ Shine (West Vancouver)
  • Executive Producer Jim Miller from the feature-length film Trouble in the Garden (Toronto)
  • Director Ray Savaya from CBC Short Film Face-off winning short film Newborn (Toronto) which we’ll be screening at the festival
  • Director Christian Belisle from the multi-Digi60 Award winning short film Overgrowth (Ottawa), screening at this year’s festival
  • Director Tavit Melikian  returns this year, this time with his short film The Order of Things to Come (Montreal)
  • Director Matthew Blecha  from the short film The Still Life of Annika Myers (Victoria)
#ocanfilmfest2019 filmmakers

Tickets are available to purchase online (button below) and there will be a cash bar (drinks and snacks).

Film Line-up and Schedule

Nose to Tail – Review – Alvin Wai Chung Tsang

“Nose to Tail is Superbly Acted” – Alvin Wai Chung Tsang


Alvin Wai Chung TsangGuest blogger Alvin Wai Chung Tsang is a horror movie lover from Barrhaven who goes to the theatre every weekend to see new releases. He takes bets on box office predictions and hopes to win big someday.  He reviewed Jesse Zigelstein’s feature film Nose to Tail, screening at the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival on November 2, 2019.  Here is review.

Daniel (Aaron Abrams) is an isolated professional chef who doesn’t struggle to balance his work, family and love life but fails entirely at it. Is it substance abuse? Crippling debt? A messy divorce? It is the curiosity of what is wrong with him that drives the film forward.

Abrams’ performance is mesmerising. He is constantly denied what he wants, then acts out and causes a new problem for himself and his struggling restaurant. The amalgamation of all his issues into one important night for the restaurant is ugly, exciting and quite masterful. Nose to Tail is a joy to watch.
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The Mayor of Comedy: A Canadian Stand-up Story – Matt Kelly (WORLD PREMIERE)

Canadian comedian Sandra Battaglini is an award-winning performer, a headlining comic and a veteran of the Just For Laughs comedy festival. Despite her success Sandra feels trapped in a system that offers low pay, few opportunities and a lack of support from the government.

(WORLD PREMIERE at #ocanfilmfest2019 on Nov 1 at 8pm – details & tickets)

The Mayor of Comedy: A Canadian Stand-up Story is an eye-opening documentary that follows Sandra as she rallies the biggest names in the Canadian comedy industry in an effort to address the many challenges they face. Sandra and filmmaker Matt Kelly give viewers an all-access pass to the murky world of Canadian showbiz, a world where the funniest people in the country struggle and the industry strives to keep it that way.

The film features interviews with over 30 of Canada’s top comics including Scott Thompson (Kids In The Hall), Steve Patterson (The Debaters), Debra DiGiovanni (Conan), Mark Forward (Fargo), DeAnne Smith (Just For Laughs) and K-Trevor Wilson (Letterkenny).

Matt Kelly is the producer and director of the disruptive comedy documentary The Mayor of Comedy: A Canadian Stand-up Story. Matt has produced and directed for Canadian icons like rock band Rush and Wayne Gretzky. Matt created and produced Hookin’ Up, a successful television series for WFN that aired 4 seasons across North America.

Matt’s television project The Uncomfort Zone was a finalist at Just For Laughs ComedyPRO 2014 where it sold to Big Beach Films. In 2016 Matt’s project Inhuman Resources was selected by comedy superstar Kevin Hart for his digital comedy platform LOL Network. Matt’s scripted comedy pilot Mrs Football made the finals of JFL ComedyPRO 2017.
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