Shorts at Home: Volume 2 – Review – Abhu Dhanda

Guest blogger Abhu Dhanda is a filmmaker based in Ottawa, Ontario. He is the self declared critic of his household.

He reviewed the short films from our collection Shorts at Home: Volume 2

The short films Angels, The Talk, Baba Yaga, Away Home, and Girl in the Hallway, screen on June 12th, 2020 thanks to the generosity of our participating filmmakers: Taylor Olson, Tyler Boyco, Nicole Sitanski & Cheryl Taam, Jana Stackhouse and Valerie Barnhart. Click here more information.

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Girl in the Hallway

The Girl in the Hallway will blow you away.

The story of missing girl Xiana Fairchild is told with vulnerable honesty by poet James DeWolf and animated impeccably by Valerie Barnhart.

You won’t stop thinking about Xiana, the other children, and the wolves in the night.


The Talk

Tyler Boyco deftly directs ‘The Talk’; a well acted, lighthearted comedy about two parents giving the sex talk to their teenage daughter. There will be a smile on your face from beginning to end.



Angels is beautifully acted and directed by Taylor Olson. Though the first part feels long, the story finishes with a powerful turn. 

Abhu Dhanda

Baba Yaga

Nicole Sitanski and Cheryl Taam create an eerie atmosphere with great sound design in their short based on a Polish lullaby. A classic ending leaves you wanting to know more about the story. The only thing missing, at times, is some true darkness, to make sure we really feel the fright.


Away Home

You will love Away Home. The film takes its time, slowly creeps up on you, and when it’s done, you’ll feel as if you’ve been peeking in on real life events.


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