OCanFilmFest Talks

OCanFilmFest Talks is a video series of panels and artist talks presented in collaboration with partners and sponsors.  It launches soon.  Stay tuned.

OCanFilmFest Presents

OCanFilmFest Presents is a series of curated Canadian films screened at venues across Ottawa throughout the year.  We plan to launch this new series early in 2019.  Stay tuned.

OCanFilmFest2018 – The True North Project – Emil Agopian

The True North Project – Synopsis

The True North Project, commissioned by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, is a celebration of Canada’s multi-ethnic society and its ongoing process of reconciliation with the indigenous community. In this celebration of diversity, artists from vastly different backgrounds are brought together to create a collaborative work for orchestra.

(Screened at #OCanFilmFest2018 on November 3, 2018)

The documentary focuses on national identity and the idea of “home,” in a country where 20 percent of the population is foreign-born. The film offers insights into the creative processes of artists from different cultural backgrounds and from different regions of Canada, as they work together towards a common goal. The documentary is about hope for the future, and brings attention to the enrichments brought by the coexistence of different peoples and cultures within the framework of a nation.

About the director, Emil Agopian

Young filmmaker Emil Agopian has an astonishing number of film credits to his name. A cellist, Agopian has a particular feeling for film work involving classical music. In addition to his work for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra – one of Canada’s top professional orchestras – traveling across Canada to film his feature documentary “The True North Project”, he has created a documentary series and other media for the Morningside Music Bridge International Music Festival in Beijing (2016), and Boston (2017), shooting in China (Guangzhou and Shanghai) and Poland (Warsaw). Continue reading “OCanFilmFest2018 – The True North Project – Emil Agopian”

OCanFilmFest2018 – Super Bingo – Matthew Blecha

Super Bingo – Synopsis

When Leo, the bingo hall number-caller unexpectedly quits, Steve the concessions guy is forced to take his place to call out the numbers. Steve then builds up his courage and uses the opportunity at the microphone to makes his dreams come true.

(Screened at #OCanFilmFest2018 on November 3, 2018)

About the director, Matthew Blecha

Born in Sault Ste. Marie and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Matthew Blecha developed an interest in filmmaking at Queen’s University in Kingston. After graduating with a B.A (Honors) in 1989 in film Studies, Matthew moved to Vancouver and entered the film industry as a production assistant, working on features films such as This Boy’s Life and Look Who’s Talking Now, and Television shows such as MacGyver & Neon Rider

In 1991, Matthew joined the Director’s Guild of Canada, and started a career as an assistant director working on many Canadian & American films and television series both in B.C. and Alberta including Needful Things, The X-Files, Jake & The Kid, Stargate SG-1, Mysterious Ways, the L.A. Law Reunion, and most recently Spooksville & Signed Sealed Delivered. In 2002, Matthew joined the Canadian Academy of Film and Television. Continue reading “OCanFilmFest2018 – Super Bingo – Matthew Blecha”

OCanFilmFest2018 – Harevan – Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier

Harevan – Synopsis

Constrained by her shyness, Clemence is struggling to build relationships with others. To help, she spends time with her Armenian neighbor in whom she will find a confidant. 

(Screened at #OCanFilmFest2018 on November 3, 2018)

About the director, Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier

Born in Montreal, Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier was raised by a Quebec born father and a Franco-Italian mother. Her origins motivated her to travel, first to visit her family, later to fulfill a passion. Graduate from the program of cinema at UQAM in the director profile, this young filmmaker draws inspiration from many subjects that touch her deeply to convey her own vision of the world and to try to move others. 

What inspired your film?  Continue reading “OCanFilmFest2018 – Harevan – Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier”