Nose to Tail – Jesse Zigelstein

(Screens at #ocanfilmfest2019 on Nov 2 at 8pm – details & tickets)

Nose to Tail stars Aaron Abrams (Hannibal, Blindspot) as a talented but abrasive chef struggling mightily with his personal demons and the relentless pressures of running a high-end restaurant in downtown Toronto. Over the course of one increasingly frantic day and night, he faces a rash of private trials and professional tribulations in a desperate bid to beat the odds and save the business that he’s sacrificed virtually everything in his life to build.

Jesse Zigelstein was born in Toronto. He studied film at York University and UCLA. Nose to Tail is his first feature.
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May Flowers – Marianna Phung

A misunderstanding occurs when Jimmy goes to pick up an order for his boss at May Flowers. Little did he expect how the tables would turn.

(Screens at #ocanfilmfest2019 on Nov 2 at 6:30pm – details & tickets)

Marianna Phung is a Toronto-based director, writer and actor of Vietnamese descent. After graduating from York University with a BA in Theatre she began her career as a filmmaker and has written, produced, and directed multiple independently-funded short films to date.

As a director, Marianna strives to tell bold and original stories that give the unrepresented and marginalized a voice. She makes a conscious effort to make sure her sets are inclusive in front of camera and behind the scenes. She is an emerging artist whose mission is to break boundaries and challenge the status quo while telling stories that entertain and enlighten audiences.
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Overgrowth – Christian Belisle

A couple take a hike to an old ruin and in the process discover how much their relationship has changed.

(screens at #ocanfilmfest2019 on Nov 2 at 6:30pm – details & tickets)

Christian Belisle is a writer, director, and production designer. An Ottawa native, Christian graduated with distinction from Carleton University with an honours degree in Film Studies. After graduating, Christian sought experience in film production and became passionate about production design and directing. After working as a production designer and an art director on many shorts, Christian directed his first short in 2018, “Overgrowth,” which went on to win Best Film at the Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival in Ottawa. Continue reading “Overgrowth – Christian Belisle”

Dog Bite – Luvia Petersen

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Dog bites girl’s face and things get complicated. After a brutal dog attack, career woman Jen becomes determined to start a new life inside a child-like fort. Her dysfunctional family tries to coax her back out into the world. But the only person who can get Jen to go outside is Jen.

(Screens at #ocanfilmfest on Nov 2 at 2:30pm – details & tickets)

Luvia Petersen is a multi-nominated actor and emerging filmmaker living in Vancouver, BC. Her projects include the Leo Nominated short film Dog Bite, which has screened internationally and continues to do the film festival circuit. The independent feature film Writing Kim, and two music videos – one of which won an “Award of Excellence” at the 2016 Canadian International Film Festival. Luvia is the recipient of the 2019 Harold Greenberg Fund shorts-to-feature grant for her project “Happiness” which will be released in 2020.
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Life Via Rail – Jonny Micay

Life Via Rail tells the story of Jason Shron, a train enthusiast from Canada who abandoned a prestigious phD program to pursue his dream of a career in the model train industry. Currently Jason is the CEO of Rapido Trains, one of Canada’s largest model train manufacturers.

(Screens at #ocanfilmfest2019 on Nov 2 at 2:30pm – details & tickets)

Jonny Micay is a filmmaker and cinematographer from Toronto, Canada. He is incredibly passionate about people and loves to immerse himself in unfamiliar environments. As of now, he has worked professionally in 13 countries around the world. When he isn’t making his own films, Jonny is an avid lighting and grip technician in the Toronto film community.

What inspired your film?

Jason’s commitment to be himself and pursue his dreams no matter how unusual they may seem. Since the age of two he has been obsessed with trains and has worked incredibly hard to find success in such a niche industry. His journey to becoming one of Canada’s most well known model train manufacturers is an example of how far commitment and motivation can take a passionate individual.
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