The Great Disconnect – Review – Hamid Rasouli

OCanFilmFest2020 Ottawa Canadian Film Festival

Humans have different needs at different stages of life. At the beginning of life, physiological needs, along with preparing to enter society and modern life, need to know the environment for a better life. What can be a savior is effective communication with nature. Nature means living environment.

Trying to survive these days is no longer the same as in the past, and now trying to communicate is an important point in everything that happens in the world today. What is effective communication? How effective you are on each of the components of this planet? In other words, if you can influence the environment, you can enter the phase of success. Conversely, if the environment around you can affect you, you can start learning.

In the end, it should be said that human beings are a collection of experiences and knowledge, and human beings today are very praiseworthy for escaping the challenges of modern life.

Hamid Rasouli

A graduate of Cinema and Master of Cultural Studies, Hamid is a director of various sections of international festivals and a cinema lover who goes all the way to the cinema.

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