OCanFilmFest2020 Ottawa Canadian Film Festival

VESSEL is a sci-fi comedy that follows two lonely romantics as they go to absurd lengths to be anybody but themselves.

Ethan Godel

Ethan Godel, director

Ethan Godel is Toronto-based Writer/Director and recent graduate of Ryerson’s Media Production program. One of 12 directors selected nationally for the Pendance Film Festival’s inaugural Rise Canada Director’s Lab, Ethan’s filmmaking and video collaborations have taken him to 10 different countries, working with various companies around the world. His most recent short film, Vessel, won the grand-prize of CBC’s nation-wide Short Film Face-off in 2019. The film was awarded a $40K funding package from Telefilm Canada and William F. Whites Int’l towards Ethan’s next short film. Additionally, Vessel screened at over a dozen festivals internationally and was shown on Air Canada’s Enroute Entertainment system. Ethan continues to produce commercial and international projects through his video production company, JnE Films.

Writer Filip Lee answered a few questions.

What inspired your film?

Our film was inspired by relationships and the ways which we change ourselves to please other people. That, and watching a lot of Charlie Kaufman movies. 

What was your biggest challenge in making your film?

The biggest challenge we really faced was getting people to work for free. Luckily, most people were swayed by the idea that there would be free granola bars on set. 

What was the best part of the experience for you?

Definitely working on set with the actors, and seeing what was on page for so long start to take its own shape and form. That, and being able to eat free granola bars. 

What advice would you give aspiring filmmakers?

I would say just focus on your craft as much as you can. Whatever it is you do see to it that you get really good at it and the rest will come. And also, make sure you have free granola bars on set. And never let a joke go, especially in Question and Answer segments. 

What’s next for you?

Hopefully another short film! We’ll see though, as the world seems like it’s ending at the moment. 

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