Why Independent Films?

For me the appeal of Independent Film is the same appeal of Triple-A baseball or the OHL – you get to see potential million dollar players on their way up or on their way down.  Either way its a privilege to see the talent, creativity and ability to do more with less that characterize independent artists.

Its fashionable to knock Hollywood as being a non-creative money machine and certainly that’s true in many cases.  What’s interesting to me about big studio films is when filmmakers manage slip some art through to us anyways despite the bottom-line obsession.  Conversely independent films have the reputation as the sanctuary of the artist, unconcerned about revenue as much as recognition and respect.  Well that’s not true either.  Every artist knows they have to sell their current projects if they ever want to make another or step up to a studio some day.  Consequently there is repetition, familiar themes etc. that are drive by realities of the market.

When independent films get really cool is when they do both, something that everyone likes that is fresh, original, creative in all aspects of its production.  As a programmer (and personally) I watch a lot of films and have done so for many years.  When I find that independent film that bridges the gap between all the worlds the smile on my face is the same I had getting my mind blown watching 2001 in 1968 – pure joy in discovering the true source.  A film doesn’t have to big at all to do this, it just has to be honest to itself.  That respect is mirrored in how an audience will react to it.

Tomorrow’s 2001 lives in today’s independent film…


This is my first blog (cue applause).  My name is Blair Campbell and I am one of the co-founders of the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival.  Simply put I am in love with all things film and will touch upon different aspects of film and film making this year heading up to our 2018 Film Festival.  If they’re specific topics that interest you fire them on over!  Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you.





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